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Monday, October 26, 2009

The cruelness of life

At your grave I do not see you there
lying among the rest you knew so well.

I see you in a world of others.
Beauty so deep, rivers of gold.
And you are happy, just as you wanted to be.

Am I just saying these things to make me cope?
Or do I know you are happy?

I will find out some day my friend.

So instead of speculating,
You are just a rotting corpse.

My love

Your skin glows like the strawberry, blossoms as the rose in the purest hope of spring.
My heart follows your piano voice and leaps like a kitten at the whisper of your name.
The evening floats in on a great dove wing.

I am comforted by your voice that I carry into the twilight of treebeams and hold next to my arm.
I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of wine.

As my legs falls from my trousers, it reminds me of our first time.
In the quiet, I listen for the last murmur of the day.

My heated face leaps to my socks. I wait in the moonlight for your secret so that we may go as one, face to face, in search of the magnificient red and mystical blood of love.

Remember what the wolf did?

I'm not scared of the big bad wolf,
why should I be?
Im stronger, faster, better looking, and of course smarter.
He thinks he is so strong minded, but I'm not scared of him.

He has a past of being the best but he has never come across my path,
I will laugh in your face the day I find you because I'm not scared of you.

The doctor stares at me, with those deep eyes of astonishment as he reads through my file. What I heard is not what I wanted to hear.

Now that I know the truth I become frightened of the reality of my illness.
One look in the mirror.
OH SHIT theres the wolf!
The truth has made me scared of the big bad wolf.

The bite

I saw you walking up that hill,
With those eyes waiting to kill,
Almost as if you were seeking death,
But really you were my little pet.

You loved me and I loved you,
But anyone who came close, you would groan,
You see, you owned me more than I owned you,
Even though I brought you to life.

We really need to sort this problem,
Because others see it as a problem,
I don't and you don't.
But as you and I know, we must please THEM!
For it is they who have the last say with their opinions and thoughts.

Goodbye my pet, in your next life, do not repeat again.

RIP Daniel

I love you,
you know me,
but you dont know me.

We shared alot of times,
but I ruined it all
or did you?

I kick myself sometimes,
for why I let you go,
I just don't know,
why did I ever let you go.

But wait, it was you who let me go,
you left me, why did you leave me?
Was it that you did not love me,
I just don't know.

I face the truth now,
our time was up,
but I now know you did love me,
you did.

Not hearing the plea

I love you so much,
But do you really care,
I try and talk the talk,
But it gets me nowhere,
So why do I Keep on trying?
It just makes no sense.

I keep on trying father,
because I love you so much?


Everything is trapped
inside of this person
which nobody seems to care about
yet everyone seems to know.

Trapped in the crowd is pleasant
to the eye yet a sheer push
over the edge of mentality.

More solutions are there but
only one seems sensible

Lying on the silk woven bed
with these thoughts
running through his head
he takes the final step
before the ones that care can help.